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It is not obvious when a numeric text field has been overwritten with some other number. To inform you that the label is no longer automatically updated, an exclamation mark pops up next to the label. The exclamation mark also pops up next to category or series labels if you entered text in the datasheet but then replaced the text field with custom text. Note that the exclamation mark is purely informative and that overwriting text fields is often perfectly legitimate.

Think-cell :: How to show data labels in PowerPoint and

The text may be in a file in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word or in any other kind of text file. In Excel, labels are naturally separated into table cells. In plain text files, labels should be organized in columns (separated by line breaks) or in rows (separated by tab characters).

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Some labels only have one entry in this dropdown box. You can use it to restore the label’s text field if it was deleted.

The font control applies to all text labels. Click on a font to change the setting of the selected features. When you change the font for the element, all text that is later created within the same element adopts the new font.

Note: Due to a limitation in Excel only the first 755 characters of text in a datasheet cell will be displayed in a label in PowerPoint. However, it is possible to work around the limitation by concatenating text in a formula, ., instead of Very long text. you would type = x5577 Very long x5577 x5576 x5577 text. x5577 into the datasheet cell.

If you want a manually placed segment label to be put back into automatic mode, drag the mouse pointer onto the target Drag here for Automatic or click the Enable Automatic Placement button from the label’s context menu.

think-cell takes care of correct and readable labeling. Avoid using PowerPoint text boxes to label your charts as they will be ignored by think-cell’s automatic label placement. When you create labels from think-cell’s context menu, the default content is taken from the datasheet or calculated by the program (in the case of column totals, averages, and the like).

Here is a list of labels that are supported for different types of charts, and the buttons in the context menu to add or remove them:

To reset a label and (re-)insert text fields, use the label content control ( Label content ) or simply click on the exclamation mark, if there is one.

Once you have manually placed a label at a specific position, think-cell will respect your decision and maintain the label’s position even when the chart layout changes.

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